About us

ZEC Consulting

Our signs of identity have always been the same:

  • Rigor 100% 100%
  • Efficiency 100% 100%
  • Quality of an integrated service 100% 100%
  • Customer orientation 100% 100%
  • Multidisciplinary team 100% 100%

Rigour and efficiency through serious and honest advice from our professionals.

Quality of service, aimed at customer satisfaction which is our top priority.

Our firm provides a comprehensive service with a multidisciplinary team, which distinguishes it, and allows us to compete with multinational firms and national firms, with the added advantage of proximity to the client, deep knowledge of our environment and its peculiarities, and our strong and decisive involvement in the development of our territory.

We treat the tax, accounting, labor and commercial areas not as isolated entities but as an indivisible whole where each area is closely related to the others.


Our greatest asset is our people and our great challenge of growth is to build every day a firm focused on teamwork and the satisfaction of our clients.


At Zec Consulting we are committed to attracting and retaining talent, combining professional excellence, rigour and creativity, in an environment of deep respect for the ethical and human values that characterise us.

Values and philosophy

The customer is our starting point in providing services

We pay special attention to the human side of business; we analyze the personal profile of each of our clients; we try to understand what made them an entrepreneur; what they expect from their company; what risks and how much uncertainty they are willing to accept and what objectives they want to achieve. All this, together with high quality technical advice, allows us to offer our clients a global vision of their company, as well as comprehensive advice, developed specifically by and for your company, to provide you with valuable advice so that you not only achieve an optimal result, but also the objectives set.

The values of ZEC Consulting are a reflection of each and every one of the professionals who make up our team:


Professionalism with total respect for the deontological principles of the exercise of our profession.


Quality and innovation in our services.


Justice and independence, to attend to the interests of our clients in the face of any interference.


Business proactivity. We assume full control of the activities we develop with total responsibility, visualizing any improvement that can be carried out.

The most important thing in Zec Consulting is our clients’ satisfaction.