Comprehensive management of advice and processing of holiday housing

From Zec Consulting, we guide you by giving you the necessary guidelines to develop the activity according to the law.

We advise you on all the technical requirements, the minimum equipment, of your obligations as an owner, and we perform each and every one of the necessary procedures by giving you a unique comprehensive service that includes:

The management of the application or permit to the community, certification of its use.
Energy efficiency certificates.
Management of the first occupation license.
Previous communication to the town hall in question.
Management of the declaration of responsibility to the town hall.
Registration of IGIC.
Registration in the hotel and catering register.
Formation of the reservation contract.
General tourism register of the Autonomous Community.
We manage your civil responsibility insurance and give you discharge of household supplies, water and garbage.

If you wish to contract our service of Integral Management of the advice and processing of vacation housing, do not hesitate to contact us through the following form.

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